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-s4 premieres 28 September 2014
-episode 4x01 is titled 'renaissance'






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Behind the scenes with the Harper-Clarke family.

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Is anyone else as disgusted as I am that Gideon is taking sexual advantage of Charlotte (who’s in a very delicate head-space after being kidnapped, learning the truth about David Clarke, & losing both of her parents) and providing her with drugs and alcohol?

Where the hell is Daniel in all of this? Are he and Margaux aware of what’s been going on between their siblings? What about Emily and Nolan?

Someone please save this poor girl from further exploitation before it’s too late.

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"Victoria may have had a horrible childhood, but that doesn’t justify the bad choices she’s made as an adult."

-Fans who justify the bad choices Emily’s made as an adult because she had a horrible childhood.

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Revenge - Season 4 - Full Promo

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Revenge Season 4 trailer: What goes around, comes around.

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Revenge + every episode

you look pretty good for a dead girl.

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Emily thorne
↳ Disclosure | 4.02

Emily thorne

↳ Disclosure | 4.02

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Take me to Nolan RossRevenge Sketch | Emily rescues Nolan 

Take me to Nolan Ross
Revenge Sketch | Emily rescues Nolan 

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Anonymous asked:
Sorry to be such a convo stalker but doesn't this mean Victoria doesn't have any maids or family to dress up for in the mornings? We might see a different style (since everyfreakingbody else is changing their look), like a sun dress or something cutesy. Maybe the beach house will show a new side of Victoria... Probably wishful thinking.

haha don’t worry you’re not a stalker if our convo is posted on my blog for everyone to see :P

we don’t know for sure that victoria is living in the beach house. instagram photos from madeleine and james show that david, nolan and victoria will have a scene together in the beach house, but that’s all. it could be that david is living there and victoria has come to visit him. i actually have no idea why they would all be in a scene together in the beach house, but since we’ve seen emily in grayson manor, it is possible that victoria no longer lives there.

if this is the case then yes, without her maids victoria may dress differently. although in those photos she does seem to have the same style as previous seasons.

but honestly, it looks as though anything goes this season, so you could be right.