SEMI-HIATUS until mid-november

I go back to uni tomorrow for second semester and I’ve been looking through my textbooks and assignments and my classes are really fucking scary! I can’t afford to waste time updating this blog, so I won’t be posting at all during the week, and I won’t be making any more edits. I also won’t be able to watch Season 4 live. I will try to queue posts on weekends though, and answer messages when I can.

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Memory lane isn’t exactly a road I like to go down.

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i ’ m a m a n d a c l a r k e

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Season 2   2x22   Emily Thorne   Jack Porter   
Anonymous: what did you think about season 3 overall?

this was sent over a month ago and i only recently found it again. i am a terrible person, and i am so sorry. my thoughts on season 3 are under the cut (warning: this turned out a lot longer than i intended. if you read it all congratulations).

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Reposter ALERT!


Everyone should be aware of the user femalehitler, she has reposted a lot of gifs/edits from our hardwork and not given any of us credit. She has also reposted my gif set (if I could kill a b*tch) and not even bothered to mention where it was originally from. AND HELL IT HAS MY WATERMARK ON IT, WAKE UP PEOPLE! I also have no idea why her reposts are getting notes?

So please do not reblog any revenge related things from her, they are probably just reposts :( again this saddens the crap out of me.

Guys please reblog this, to let others know!

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"And he pushes my face into the cold concrete and he whispers, "relax, honey". Over and over and over." | 3.13

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i need you more than i can take

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i love you tooRevenge sketch | Nolan & Emily Masquerade 2.18

i love you too
Revenge sketch | Nolan & Emily Masquerade 2.18

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✘ top 10 revenge episodes → 8. Exodus

"I’ve always put faith in my son Daniel’s heart, and today, we shall see where it lies." 3.10

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